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American Senators Say France Only Interested in Economic Gains, Not Peace In Cameroon

Members of the US Senate on Foreign Relations Committee on January 1, 2021, put the final pen on paper, passing resolution 684 that was introduced in August 2020. The resolution among other things strongly criticised the rile of France in the armed conflict in Anglophone regions. They said France is more interested in its economic and security cooperation with Cameroon but does not sufficiently use her influential power to criticize and bury the atrocities being committed in the Anglophone regions by warring parties or support a very strong international action to find lasting solution to the armed conflict.

Also, the Senate of the United States in its 15-page resolution document condemned all abuses committed by the military and separatist groups, with endless pressure on the government of Cameroon to adhere to its responsibility guarantee security of people and protect their constitutional rights irrespective of their identity, or political opinion.

In the same resolution, the U.S Senates urges all belligerents of the conflict, the government of Cameroon, U.S Offices in charge of External Relations to take specific and stringent measures to resolve what it terms “ongoing civil war” in Cameroon.

According to the US Congress still, government forces and armed groups in the the North West and South West regions must put an end to all sorts of violence and respect rights of all Cameroonians as well as open doors for a veritable inclusive dialogue so as to end the armed conflict.

Human Rights Groups and other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) document over 3,000 deaths since 2016 till present, with 700,000 persons displaced by the conflict which has caused at least 3.000.000 others in severe need of Humanitarian Assistance and prevented over 855,000 children from going to school.

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