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The SDF Threatens To Withdraw From The February 2020 Elections After Disqualification of Yaoundé 6 List

The pre-electoral litigation session that opened last week closed this Tuesday, January 21, 2020, at the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court in Yaoundé. This hearing ended with a very bitter taste for the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party, that saw its list being disqualified for the municipal election in Yaoundé 6.

When the list of validated candidacy files for the legislative and municipal elections of February 09, 2020, was made public, Elecam, had rejected the list of the SDF in competition in Yaoundé 6, the reason being that the SDF party had not paid the required dues.

After contesting this decision of Elecam during the first hearing of the pre-electoral litigation at the administrative court of the Center region, the quarreled list led by Valery Ntendie, had been restructured.

Dissatisfied, the competing party, the CPDM, had appealed to the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court, requesting disqualification of the SDF list for failure to pay dues within the time limit.

Finally, Chief Justice Daniel Ndoumbe Eteki made on Tuesday as a last resort, a statement which gives success to the CPDM.

Following this verdict, SDF officials in the Centre Region threatened to withdraw from all elections on February 09, 2020.

The official position of the SDF party is expected to be known either this Wednesday, January 22, or in the days ahead.

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