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The Military Will Pay For The Death of My Child- Agbor Emilia.

*Dominic Meme Nwakimo

“I was in the compound, military men invaded the place, and we all ran for safety. In our hideout, I got gunshots. When they left, we came back to discover my granddaughter dead”.
Neba Mutanga grandfather of a four months old baby shot dead at Makanga quarter in Muyuka town South West region of Cameroon told Mimi Mefo Info Tuesday May 21st 2019.

Neba Maltha Mbuh born on the 14th of December 2018 was discovered dead on the chair at about 3:30pm Monday 20th May after the passage of the military.

Agbor Emilia, mother of the child overwhelmed by the situation has placed a curse on the military who she firmly believes are the killers.
“My baby died in the womb in January 2018. When I finally gave birth to Maltha,she has been the joy of my life until when the military killed her on the 20th of May”.Emilia lamented.
According to Funi Zephania Neba, father of the deceased, “My baby was sleeping in the sitting room when six amour cars drove to the compound. The military started ‘raining’ bullets. I ran. One of them breaks open the door shooting my baby in the head”.

To another neighbor in the compound, she spied through the door and spotted a man in a military uniform breaking the door while others armed to the teeth looked on.
A man who lives at the entrance of the said compound says, after the incident, he overheard a military man blaming his colleagues(in the French language) for shooting the baby.
As of Tuesday May 21st, elements of the gendarmerie in Muyuka have opened investigations to uncover killers of the child.

Neba Mutanga, the grandfather of the child has already presented a statement. His son Funi Zephania Neba is still reluctant to do so while holding firm on his allegations that the military is responsible for the death of his daughter.

Over 70% of inhabitants of Muyuka town have deserted due what they call military and ambazonia brutality that have brought untold misery on their lives.

The few that still live there say indiscriminate shooting in the quarters is a daily routine with mostly men being the target.

The Controversy.
In a two minutes thirty two seconds video circulating on the social media, a boy who identifies himself as Kawa Kawa Yannick says the military is not responsible for the death of the child.

To him, he is an ambazonia boy and the killing of the child was carried out by some of his colleagues. In the video, Yannick explains that the boys were out to kill Funi Zephania Neba (father of the child) for being an informant of the military.
In the absence of the Zephania,ambazonia boys left “a warning by killing the child”.Yannick explains in the shot video.

A claim that Zephania Neba has refuted saying he has no problem with ambazonia boys while insisting that the military killed his daughter.
At the moment, the bereaved Neba family has been expressing fear of high insecurity but regrets that their financial situation does not permit them to seek refuge elsewhere.

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