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Shameless Gov’t Admits ‘Killing’ Anglophone Journalist

The pressure mounted on the cruel regime has made them come out of their silence. It took them 10 months and a one week pressure to concoct a lie. Cameroon’s defense ministry confirms the death of Samuel Wazizi. In a release, it is said the Pidgin-English newscaster was called by security forces on August 7, 2019 for questioning in Buea, but later sent to Yaounde where his health degraded.

Going by the ministry of defense, Samuel Wazizi died of SEVERE SEPSIS an inflammation on August 17, 2019.

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The Head of Communication Department at MINDEF, Cyrille Serge, added that Samuel Wazizi was the logistic operator to many separatist groups in Fako division in the southwest region.

He was accused of terrorism but after his arrest , he underwent torture , detention without trial and subsequent death.

The family of the victim have said they were never informed of his death as claimed by the government.

The outing of MINDEF, 10 months after the incident is an indirect way to say they killed him.

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