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Pro-Biya Youths Storm Kamto’s Residence

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, has condemned what they described as attempts on the life of Maurice Kamto, after pro-government protesters stormed the residence of the opposition leader in Yaoundé on Monday May 25, 2020, the Deputy Secretary General of the party has revealed.

“This Monday, May 25th, a group of bewildered persons assaulted President-Elect Maurice Kamto’s home. Shouting their hatred and death threats towards him, they accused him to be responsible of the attacks against Cameroonian Embassies abroad. This armed group arrived in motorcycles while waving the national flag. They shouted that the editorial written by Public Radio & Television CRTV Director Mr. Charles NDONGO unleashed them, and that from now on, they are willing to assault the President-Elect. They tried to break in the elected President’s home but the private security prevented them from doing so,” A statement read.

Maurice Kamto said when he saw the crowd outside his residence, he alerted the police but none responded.

“Many witnessed the arrival of these militiamen, and immediately alerted Yaoundé’s Sixth District Police Officer and Mfoundi Gendarmerie Commander of the gravity of this situation. However, despite being near the alerted location, none mobilized any force to the scene after an entire hour passed. Calling them numerous times proved fruitless as they gave poor justifications to explain their inactivity. Keep in mind that this Monday is a holiday in Cameroon – which should make the authorities’ intervention smoother.”

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