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Port Community Satisfied With Progress of Earmarked Projects


DOUALA, Cameroon- Thursday July 5, 2018-12:03 PM Local Time (Cameroon News Agency) Members of the Port Community in Douala-Bonaberi have expressed satisfaction on the evolution of some major projects launched by the body and supervised by Ports Authority of Douala, PAD.

They made the remarks Wednesday July 4, 2018 in a meeting grouping all stakeholders at the Club House  PAD in Bonanjo, Douala, to evaluate the level of work done and make recommendations where necessary.

The structural projects are over 20 grouped under two categories; Dredging and Maritime Logistics and Port Development.

The Director of Dredging and Maritime Logistics, Manye Georges Gracite, said the projects under his department are almost completed but for delays in procuring multi-functional machine and repairing some ships that will help to do most of the works. Some of the said projects include among others: removal of wrecks, channel dredging and plans which he said has seriously affected the rate of turn-over  of PAD because without it, most works will be left undone, but he remained optimistic that the main dredge will be arrive Douala from Spain, anytime soon with help of the Government.

Director of Dredging and Maritime Logistics, Manye Georges Gracite,presenting some projects as stakeholders look on

“With the help of multi-functional machines, sediments which have been in the sea for over four years now will be cleared,” he added.

Also acquiring a buoy which will help to show reefs and others hazards is already 100% completed baptized and named DIKA MPONDO AKWA , mark-up support called MENCHUM FALLS and a cargo ship, LAKE BAROMBI MBO whose completion is near 90%.

Mr Manye Georges Gracite, said the major work had already started on June 4 with wreckage removals concluding that everything being equal, the completion of all the projects will make the Port more accessible, competitive, secured, hence increase dividends to PAD and stakeholders.

Director of Port Development, Toko Dikongue, presenting road construction projects

On the development of the Port, which consists of about 11 projects mostly offshore, the Director of Port Development, Toko Dikongue, said some of the projects have kicked-off on a good note like the construction of 2.5 km road linking TRANSIMEX and Mira companies which stands at 40%, rehabilitation of the road linking CNIC and base Elf, 15%, securing the Port environment like enforcing gates system, surveillance cameras, mobile detectors etc. The projects also consist of rehabilitating the road leading to the Wood Park, construction of a new road leading to naval zone, rehabilitation and construction of 10 new warehouses among others.


He told members of Port Community that some of the projects were grounded because victims whose houses and properties were demolished in the course of the executing the projects were still to be compensated.

After listening to the two Directors speak, the stakeholders who form port community applauded the manner in which the projects have been nicely presented and the level of work done. They however raised the issue of delays of some projects which they say has affected their activities.

A Cross Section of Port community Members

“This delay is not our fault, PAD has done its best to follow up especially in acquisition of some machines but we are helpless at some points because some of the machines are with another state company which is still to deliver.” The Deputy General Manager of Port Authority of Douala, Moukoko Njoh Charles Michaux, represented the General Manager, responded to the worries of stakeholders.

He told members that in the absence of some machines like NYONG, CHANTAL BIYA, KORUP, HYDRO and GAZELLE, the coming of the multi-functional machine by September will be a sigh of relief.


A view of the Port from Club House PAD


*Port Community of Douala-Bonaberi is the overriding body charged with the promotion of Port’s activities. Created in 1994 as an association that brings together major actors in the maritime and port sector of the Douala-Bonaberi Port, members include among others; Port Authority of Douala, PAD, Douala City Council, Customs Department, National Shippers Council, Cameroon Importers Group, One-Stop-Shop, Ship Owners, Guichet Unique.



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