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PAP Press Statement On Babanki Killings

We are moving towards doom. It is accustomed to “professionalism” by government defense and communication officers, but we observe barbarism, contrary to what is vaunted by the regime’s Squealers.

The Biya’s military last weekend killed civilians at Chuku quarter in Babanki-Tungo(Small Babanki) in an attempt to neutralize the Amba fighters as always said. Amongst the victims include: children (Cletus 7years old boy) and nursing mother(Mama Promise), Mama Yandjan, a father( Pa Sahnbeng) amongst others(more than 9persons) were shot under the command of Captain Babary of Tubah subdivision, who have been giving orders to soldiers to kill mercilessly in this zone.

An eye witness told the PAP intelligence unit that, this said Captain ordered the killings of some women who took refuge in the bush as they were on their way to the targeted area, but one of the soldiers refused to kill the innocent women, arguing that the women are not their targets. The notoriety of this Captain should be a call for concern in this zone, enough is enough.

This yet another act of outright barbarism, inhumane and careless actions of the military which took place on Saturday the 29th February 2020 breaking Sunday. After the February 14th Ngarbuh massacre that leftover 22 deaths amongst whom were 14 children and two pregnant women the same military just a few days was indicted for killings in Fungum, still in the North West Region of Cameroon.

While extending sincere condolence to the bereaved families and to the persons in the war zone, we of the PAP call on the opposition, political leaders, youths and the international community to keep behind partisan politics, egoism and stand up as one people against the common enemy to say STOP to the killings and to STOP to the war. We want to remind the government that every life is precious and priceless, and as such, for no reason should people be killed for expressing their political opinion.
Whereas, the government knows exactly what to do in order to end the war, whereas the president of the Republic acknowledged that he knows the history of this country is complicated.

He has the responsibility to declare, ceasefire, to liberate political prisoners, to accept dialogue without precondition. However, the inability of the government to acknowledge these facts and more since October 2016 will only plunge the country to a more disastrous abyss.
We of the PAP call on Mr. Biya and his illegitimate government to stop using the military against the people and in fostering the divide in the country as this is radicalizing more people every day.

The time to act is now, Let’s Stand Up for the people of Southern Cameroons, murdered on a daily basis, let us stand up for Cameroon.


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