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Of Aid Relief Materials To IDP By President Paul Biya And Stopping The War

The Cost of stopping the war could be only a Bold Point Pen of FCFA 200 and a signature but the continuous fighting has led to many displaced and humanitarian organizations involved and even in need of more aid relief materials. In just one week, between December 9 and 15, the UN Humanitarian Coordination Office in Cameroon registered over 5000 Internally Displaced Persons who fled from military invasion.

President Paul Biya who has the knife and yam to end the war has offered 100 trucks packed with relief materials such as sanitary kits, bedding equipment, and foodstuff to the internally Displaced Persons in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

It comes a few days after the release of UN Humanitarian Coordination office OCHA Cameroon which sent s distress call for more financing projects. OCHA Cameroon said the conflict in Cameroon is the least funded so far in Africa.


Between 9 and 15 December 2019, an estimated 5,475 people (782 households) were forced to flee their villages following a series of military operations and community clashes throughout the North West region. Military operations in the Momo, Mezam, Boyo, Ngo Ketunjia, Donga Mantung, and Bui Divisions have led to the displacement of 2,775 people, while community clashes in the Boyo division have led 2,700 people to flee their homes. There are consistent reports of military burning houses and other civilian infrastructure in supposed retaliation for communities harboring NSAGs.

The majority of IDPs have been forced to flee on foot. They have sought shelter in non-damaged buildings and agricultural structures in host communities. Others are reported to be making their way to Bamenda and other urban areas considered safer.


Recent UN figures reveal that:

Some 4.3 million people are in need of relief materials

Some 2.3 have already been targetted

Some 922 thousand have been internally displaced

Some 279 thousand Refugees

Some 314 thousand have returned

Some 299 Million US dollars is required for the activities

Only 124 Million have been collected making coverage of 41%.

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