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Letters From US Congress, House Of Representatives Drown Special Status

The Bill on Special Status for the North West and South West regions is still under debate at the Parliament but it has become unpopular even before it is hatched. The US Lawmakers’ two letters, one to Paul Biya and the other to US representative at the United Nations, have drowned the so-called Special Status and opened a cankerworm in the ongoing armed conflict in Cameroon’s Anglophone restive regions. While Congress was categorical on Paul Biya to address the issue or face a different rhythm, the Representatives are for a fact-finding humanitarian and rights abuses mission.

The house of representatives wrote to the US representative at the United Nations, Kelly Craft, to push for a UN resolution on Cameroon.

A) The government of Cameroon has been blocking Human rights organizations from entering into Cameroon and carrying out investigations on abuses.

B) Both Soldiers and Non-State Armed Groups have committed rights abuses.

C) Humanitarian NGOs find it difficult to access conflict areas to provide relief materials.

D) About 3000 have died and millions in dire need while some are displaced internally and externally.

E) Push for a UN fact-finding a mission to investigate abuses and punish perpetrators.

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Some 10 days after the letter to Kelly Craft from the House of Representatives on Foreign Affairs, 9 Congressmen and Women from the sub-committee on African Affairs, wrote a letter which looked more or less an ultimatum to President Paul Biya advising him to take the situation serious else relations between the US and Cameroon could have another dimension in future. The Congress said;


A) They recognized that non-state actors have been committing crimes but said that they have strong shreds of evidence that Soldiers have committed worse crimes by burning houses, raping, killing, torture among others.

B) They reiterated that school is very important and they know that Paul Biya likes education, so he should do everything possible to get kids back to school.

C) That the National Dialogue was a good initiative but lamented how most efforts made by the Government has yielded no fruits.

D) That there must be frank negotiation between the regime and non-state armed groups, encouraging Biya to join the Swiss led process.

E) That the Biya administration through SDOs and DOs have exercised their powers on the opposition to prevent many from registering for the upcoming election in 2020.

F) Reminded Paul Biya that the US has taken measures like withdrawing military aid and suspension from AGOA.

G) That if these things are not done, further steps will be taken by the US towards Cameroon.

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Cameroon government is counting on granting a Special Status for the two regions for peace to reign.

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