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Lawyers To Suspend Activities In Supreme, Criminal Courts And Election Litgigations

This will be one of the strongest decision taken by members of the Cameroon Bar association in recent times. This time around, it does not concern only Common law Lawyer as was the case in 2016. Lawyers from the Civil Law system have tasted the regimes brutality and can no longer bear it. By suspending their activities at the country’s highest legal department, the lawyers are setting a scene where there will be no one to defend electoral litigations, hence puncturing the December 6, 2020 regional polls.

The government has no choice than to dialogue with the Cameroon Bar Association who have put forth strong arguments for their strike action.

In recent past, there has been continuous brutality on members of the bar reaching a crescendo when they were teargassed at the Bonanjo Court of First Instance on November 10, 2020.

The arrest of Huma Rights Lawyer, Barrister Tamfu Richard and colleague, the imminent arrest of 30 others.

The Lawyers said they will not only boycott court sessions for one week, they will also not wear their garments during the period.

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