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Fire Outbreak In SO.NA.RA: Fako Black Cats Claim Responsibility, Operations Suspended

DOUALA-Cameroon-Saturday June 1, 2019-9:30 PM Local Time( Cameroon News Agency) The damages are devastating, enormous and consequential; SO.NA.RA will be shutdown for an indefinite period, the company’s GM has said. Despite the fact that Jean-Paul Simo Njonou did not specify what led to the, “enormous explosion followed by fire incident” as said in his release, some Ambazonia Activists and Leaders have been speaking in coded languages, which leaves a premise of a possible coordinated attack.

In a release made public on Saturday June 1, 2019, the General Manager said the incident leaves SONARA in a desperate situation, “Major Force” and needed desperate measures. The lone Oil Refining Company’s operations he said, will be halted till further notice.

The message to the public and partners also states that damages are being evaluated and work could resume within the shortest possible time.

In a Facebook post, a member of the Ambazonia Separatist group in Fako Division, Ashu Kingsley claimed that , “Separatist Fighters known as Restoration forces in Fako County have claimed responsibility. A unit of Restoration forces called the – Black Cats are said to have carried out the Operation. “

Another Activist, Mark Bareta has reacted on the night of the incident, claiming that the so- called Black Cats carried out the attack in SONARA. He said, “To build we must destroy. To go to heaven, you must die. To build Ambazonia, we must send Cameroun out of Ambazonia. Thank you Victoria silent warriors-The Black Cats.”

Mark Bareta

The most followed Ambazonian Activist on Facebook said on June 1, 2019 that, ” I can confidently now state that Sonara is Ambazonia. But none of the groups talking is SONARA. Thank you Ambazonia. If you know you know”.”

Since creation in 1978, Cameroon National Oil Refining Company though found in the South West region of Cameroon, dominated by English speakers, no Anglophone has been named General Manager. Bernard Eding, managed the company from 1978-2002, Charles Metouck from 2002 to 2013, Ibrahim Talba Malla from 2013 to 2019 and presently Jean Paul Simo Njonou , all Francophones.

The fire outbreak started at about 9: 30 PM on Friday night. Denizens said they heard loud explosions followed by wild fire. Those around Mokoundange in Limbe 2 Subdivision where the incident took place, fled from their homes for safety.

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