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Donga Mantung: Soldiers Torture One Detainee To Death, Others Transferred to Bamenda

At least one detainee has died around Tatum in Ndu subdivision after receiving torture from the hands of government forces. CNA has gathered that some 28 detainees were removed from Nkambe Principal Prison and taken to Bamenda, where only 27 arrived after one passed away. A 16-year-old girl accused of cooking for the Ambazonia Seperaratist fighters is among.

Our source said the detainees were taken in a military truck belonging to the Cameroon army, made a stop in Ndu town where they tortured the inmates before heading for Bamenda. “There were 28 of them, one died on the way at Tatum. There are now 25 prisoners and two awaiting trial. Amongst the two awaiting trial is a girl of about 16, the crime being she was cooking food for the amba boys.” An impeccable source hinted.

The name of the detainee who died has not been disclosed.

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