COVID-19: Northwest Journalists Trade Union President Enjoins Colleagues To Protect Themselves

The northwest regional chapter president of the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union, CJTU/SNJC, Bakah Derick has advised his colleagues to also take proper care of themselves as they go about interviewing experts and sensitizing the population on the COVID-19 through their respective platforms.

Message from the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union. CJTU/SNJC NW Chapter
March 28, 2020

Dear Comrades

Never have times been as challenging and uncertain as now. From the crisis we have lived in for the past three years and counting and now the coronavirus pandemic, no one of us knows what happens in the nearest future. We have seen many die from gun bullets and other dangerous weapons and we have reported with all the difficulties. As for the new war against the pandemic which is killing people and the global economy before our eyes, it is certain we will suffer more. We have been victims of no pay, attacks, bullying, trolling and much more.

While assuring you all of our duty as a trade union to protect and ensure the safety of all members, we invite you all not just to be the educators of our people on measures to prevent the pandemic but to implement them ourselves.

In his message to Iinternational Federation of Journalists IFJ affiliates our trade union inclusive, Younes MJAHED IFJ President writes “This health crisis, unfortunately, will have consequences on the media, the working conditions of our colleagues in newsrooms and the employment of journalists. And as it is too often the case, it is the most vulnerable among us who are already paying the price and who will lose their jobs in the coming days, without any social security cover nor any salary compensation.”

As trade unionists, we need to stand with each other in our region. We have worked together in many areas, this is no exception. Let’s keep the union and our comrades updates on our activities especially professional activities.

Our Chapter Regional Vice President for Gender like other members of our executive, the National Executive Board NEB, are available to share best practices as we continue to report the crisis and now the pandemic.

In our traditional solidarity we remain one another’s keeper. Remember together we are stronger.

Much Love

Bakah Derick
CJTU/SNJC NW*President

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