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Bamoun Sultan Finally Wins Mayor Over Construction Of Gateway

The Sultan personally watches the rehabilitation of |Foumban main door.

The Sultan of the Bamoun, Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya on Friday December 4, at the entrance to Foumban personally supervised the progress of rehabilitation works of the Foumban gateway which was brought down to ashes last Sunday November 29.

His action according to our sources comes after results from the recent attempts by Mayor Tomaino Ndam Njoya to interrupt the said works claiming it was the council’s duty to do such rehabilitation. Unfortunately for her the population brutally reacted that day partially destroying her car.

The historic gateway was created towards the year 1910 during the reign of the then Sultan of the Bamoun Ibrahim Njoya at the entrance of the chief town of the Noun Division.

The museum has been a cultural heritage of the Bamoun people in which war trophies, sacred symbols of power and insignia of secret societies are conserved including very large carved thrones, masks, statues of figures and animal representations, symbols of invincibility and royal power.

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