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Ambazonia Fighters Set HYSACAM Truck On Fire

Ambazonian fighters in Bamenda, North West regional capital, have set ablaze a garbage truck belonging to the waste disposal company (HYSACAM) at Mulang on Saturday morning, January 18, 2020, CNA has learned. The burning spark off a confrontation between them and the Cameroon defense forces who engaged them in a fierce battle.

Residents of Below Foncha emerged from their hideouts about two hours after the gunshots had ended as the Ambazonian fighters retreated to their Ntasen stronghold.

No one knows the reason for the attack on the garbage truck. But this is the second time a truck belonging to HYSACAM has been set on fire by members of the Non-State Armed Groups.

The first incident took occurred in 2019 at the Mile 4 neighborhood in Bamenda.

HYSACAM would, later on, stop it’s duties for several months transforming the entire town into a landfill. It is about 2 months ago since they resume work in Bamenda after that long break. The yet to be answered question is; why are they targeting HYSACAM?

In 2019 HYSACAM workers were also chased in Buea as the fighters accused them of complicity with the military in disposing of civilians killed overnight.

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