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After Kondengui, Buea Inmates Roar, Gov’t Denies Death Claims


The detainees at the Buea Central Prison did not wait for nightfall to take the relay from their counterparts at the Kondengui’s maximum prison. A warning sign had been fired when over 100 detainees failed to show up at a court session at the Buea Military Court. Just a few hours after, white smoke was seen coming from the roofs of the prison accompanied by gunshots.

The government was yet to contain the events at Kondengui when Buea broke loose. Several Anglophone and Cameroon Rennaissance Movement detainees have been transferred to Douala New Bell Prison and other detention facilities, to decongest the already congested maximum prison.

On Monday night, a Centre Regional SDF top militant who went to Kondengui before the incident started has revealed that Soldiers killed 4 detainees at the Kondengui maximum prison on Monday night. A statement from the Communication Minister, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, says no one died.

According to the SDF militant, Parfait Mbvoum, the deaths took place at Kosovo quarter, several inmates have been seriously injured and even feared dead. His party in an official statement has said these cases are yet to be officially confirmed.

The Internet was shut down while a drone was seen flying over the prison. Special anti-terrorist elements of National Gendarmerie, GPIGN opened fire on Anglophone detainees who staged a protest demanding their immediate release. Tear gas and live bullets were used, a detainee said earlier.

Former PM Ephraim Inoni and former Health Minister Urbain Onangena Awono were injured on the heads, they were taken to the hospital for treatment.

The angry inmates broke the walls and got into the VIP section of the prison targetting some individuals. Former Defense Minister, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o escaped and slept in the female ward with his wife.

The prisoners set the Library, infirmary and female workshop on fire.

On Tuesday afternoon, a special squad was deployed into the facility and a thorough search supervised by the Senior Divisioner Officer of Mfoundi in the Centre region ended with over 40 mobile phones, knives and other objects seized from prisoners.

Ambazonia Separatist leaders Sisiku Ayuktabe and 9 others who were to appear before a Magistrate at the Military Court in Yaounde could not move from their cells. The case was adjourned to Monday, July 29, 2019.

The government on Tuesday evening revealed that some 77 inmates of the Kondengui Maximum prison have been taken to police and gendarmerie units in Yaounde for questioning.

Communication Minister Rene Sadi in a press release no live bullets were used, no deaths recorded. He said without revealing the names, that two inmates were wounded and taken to the hospital.

Mr Sadi noted that Anglophone inmates were authorised to protest against prison conditions but it was later hijacked by a group of other detainees with ill intentions.

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