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AFCON 2019: We Will Apply The Regulation With All Its Vigor- CAF President

Bamenda, Cameroon-Saturday February 3, 2018-7:49 PM Local Time(Cameroon News Agency) The President of the Confederation of Africa Football, CAF,  Ahmad has refuted allegations, the body was planning to grant Morocco the rights to organize the 2019 AFCON at the detriment of Cameroon. At the Post -General Assembly  Press Conference in Casablanca, Mr Ahmad said some people are spreading false rumor on the issue but insisted CAF will implement the regulations to the fullest. 



Ahmad said, “There is no controversy about AFCON 2019. There was an inspection mission by the company, Roland Berger, which is in charge of auditing the infrastructure and organizational related issues for the tournament. There is a huge difference between the inspection reports and the specifications. As a result, Cameroon were told to double up. There are people who are lying. I am a man of my word and my Executive Committee hasn’t change one iota of that. We will apply the regulation with all its vigor. The specifications require infrastructure, hotels, stadiums, hospitals and a lot more.”

On Morocco’s candidature for the hosting of the 2026 FIFA World Cup

There are many World Cup procedure manuals in relation to the various FIFA reforms, ethical requirements and regulations. Everyone must respect them be it the candidate as a country or its National Association. It is for this reason that I’m the only one to have made a pronouncement on the candidature of Morocco for the 2026 World Cup (…) I can reassure you that I will not be neutral. I say it loud and clear. I can answer for which concerns me. I cannot answer for others.

(…) I will act according to the regulations, but the fact of speaking about it is already a support for Morocco. With time, we will see how to maneuver possible support for the candidature of Morocco for the 2026 World Cup. Nothing says that I cannot do it. Already, I am not entitled to vote. For this reason, I am free. The vote to choose the host country of the World Cup is done by show of hands, as stated in the Statutes. So how do you expect countries not to show support, since voting is not done by secret ballot? Maybe the FIFA Congress will revise that.


On the revival of the Afro-Asian Cup

The project is being discussed between CAF and AFC, and we expect it to be successful. We can revive this competition which existed in the past.


On the status of the vice-presidents, elected to the FIFA Council and vacated their membership of the CAF Executive Committee in pursuant of the duality mandate provision

The CAF statutes, and in particular Article 22, on the duality of functions between CAF and FIFA, oblige members of the executive to choose between CAF and FIFA. Elected members of the FIFA Executive are automatically members of the CAF Executive and with voting powers. Nothing will change.


On the incidents between the presidents of the Ivorian and Moroccan federations during the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 qualifier in Abidjan

For the incidents at the Houphouët-Boigny stadium in Abidjan, the case is on. There have been accounts from the various parties as required by the Disciplinary Committee. I cannot tell you now where they are.



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